Monday, September 05, 2011

Vatican Again Papers Over Real Priorities

A great (and brief) article by Eugene Kennedy, in the National Catholic Reporter, on Rome's mixed-up priorities and retreat into medieval ways.

Benedict's Vatican is again engaging in a legalistic approach to grace.  Sadly, that's pretty darn appropriate, since its approach to just about everything else also seems legalistic.

Someday, we may once again find ourselves with a pope who truly embraces Vatican II, rather than runs away from it.  Someday, we may have a pope who--like John XXIII--opens the windows of the church and allows the church to thrive with the fresh air, rather than recycling practices that were wisely put on the shelf.  There is much hope for the Church.  The Holy Spirit is not finished with it yet.

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Fr. Daren J. Zehnle said...

I couldn't disagree more, Steve.

What the Holy See proposed was an ongoing dialogue with the Irish government to further root out the scourge of the sexual abuse of children both in the Church and in society as a whole:

As you know, this is something I've arguing for for a long time. It seems that while the U.S. is content to ignore the general problem of sexual abuse, Ireland is ready to confront the problem openly.

What the Holy See rejected in the Cloyne Report were false accusations; truth and justice require such a rejection of lies.