Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Praying for Heat Relief...and Finally, Doing Something About It

It's been unbearably hot (humid and hot, as in blast-oven hot) here in the Midwest.  One hundred degrees before they even look at the heat index.

In our prayers during these hot days and nights, my son and I sometimes remember to pray for those who do not have air conditioning.  We do have air conditioning.  We are comfortable.  It's all too easy, once we've been inside the house for a few hours, to forget what it must feel like in other people's homes.

Just decided we need to add action to our prayers this weekend.  Need to buy a couple fans and donate them.  Should have done that way back in June.  Should have been doing that for the last several summers, actually.  All those summers I could have done that and did not -- that's what you call a sin of omission.  I'm guilty of plenty of sins of omission.

Most towns or counties have food pantries -- sometimes multiple food pantries (the community one, plus multiple church-run pantries).  I would be interested to hear:  What, if anything, does your local faith community or civic organization do to help the poor, the aged, the vulnerable to cope with extreme weather, especially the type of heat that kills?  Is this a neglected ministry?  Or is help readily available for the folks who need it?

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