Sunday, October 17, 2010

Two Archbishops: What a Difference!

Those of us in the greater St. Louis area survived the wanna-be papacy of Archbishop Raymond Burke (who reigned in St. Louis for four years before moving on to head the Vatican's version of the Supreme Court in Rome).  Burke loved being formal, glum, and aloof; he loved every last trapping of clerical dress available to an archbishop; he wanted more and more of the Mass to be full of Latin, a language that few of the people in the pews (not to mention most priests) understand.  Here's a picture of Archbp. Burke.

Raymond Burke (he's the one sitting down)

Next, here's a picture of a newly designated Archbishop, Gustavo Garcia-Siller, who is headed to the San Antonio archdiocese (after a few years as an auxiliary bishop in Chicago).  Garcia-Stiller celebrates Mass in Spanish and English, depending on the predominant language in the parish he's visiting.  He evidently likes mixing with everyday parishioners.  According to Rocco's Whispers in the Loggia, Garcia-Siller wears a small cross on a shoestring around his neck (because, one guesses, walking with Jesus need not involve glaring, outward signs that point to one's power or prestige).

Guess which archbishop impresses me more!  Guess which one would make me more likely, if I were not a Catholic, to want to check out the Catholic church in hopes of finding a path to the God who chose to be born in a manger!


gpiner said...

I think it is disingenuous of you to post your comment about AB Burke, the photo was obviously a formal portrait. This not something he wears everyday.
Regarding AB Siller, I am in his diocese and we will see what kind of bishop he really is., time will tell.


Steve said...

Greg, fair enough on the formal portrait count. Still, most archbishops these days do not get so excited about the garb (the external trappings, the outward signs of their title) that they seek out an opportunity to sit for this sort of picture. Most archbishops have enough humility that they do not want to be mistaken for kings. (Yes, cardinals are referred to as "princes" of the church. But the best of them take their cue from the model of servant-leadership that Jesus provides in John 13:1-15.)

gpiner said...

Formal portraits have been taken of all of the bishops in the church, no exception.
Beware of false humility.
BTW, what about the Holy Father's garb??
Your comments please.

I think you are projecting your anger at AB Burke because he excommunicated the women who had an "ordination ceremony" and claimed they were Catholic priests...priestesses. There actions scandalized the faithful.

gpiner said...

There is no place for ambivalence for a Catholic. It is all or none, no picking and choosing. Maybe you are not Catholic, only a poser.


nitpicker said...

Perhaps in criticizing Burke you are fretting about the constrictions of the Catholic faith which you seem to confuse with your persona political ideas.